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NotWebBrowser info - Help
Installing NotWebBrowser TAP to Topfield

Basically all files under folder "Topfield hard disk" should be copied to Topfield hard disk. Most of the files are in ProgramFiles, but the MP3 text is placed in with the audio files and text for home video is placed in same folder as the video. Actually I am not sure you want to download my simple video example so you get instructions how to create video clip to work as example.

Copy of ProgramFiles

You can also copy/rename your localized settings in /ProgramFiles/NotWebBrowser folder. UK settings has changed FAV button to Record button. So when this help says FAV press Record. Just remove language addition _UK from file name to make it NotWebBrowserSettings.ini

To start NotWebBrowser press Archive (PlayList) to open list of files. Use Reverse << or >> Fast forward to open ProgramFiles. Select NotWebBrowser folder and press OK. Select NotWebBrowser (with some version marking) to start the TAP program.

Basically same information as here is also available in German, Swedish and Finnish. Additional information in English.

New version with name 1stWebBrowser

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