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NotWebBrowser info - Help
In English
The main purpose of this NotWebBrowser.tap is to let users read texts and to open easily related material saved to Topfield hard drive. In addition to text the material can contain pictures, video and sound. Those can be connected together with links in the text.
Installing NotWebBrowser TAP to Topfield
Reading and following links:
Starting NotWebBrowser and browsing the text
Using link to open other text pages
Using favorites to create needed links
Pictures linked in text page
Advanced features:
Picture linked back to text
Link to Internet
Home video link example
Audio example as MP3
Make your own pages:
Simple way to make your own text pages
Adding links
MP3 and video files:
How to make your own MP3 and link
Home video to Topfield .rec file
Teletexts as plain text file to NotWebBrowser
PDF and web pages:
Publishing in web and for NotWebBrowser
Web pages to NotWebBrowser as text
PDF texts and pictures to NotWebBrowser
Complex web page or PDF as picture
Trouble shooting and FAQ
Known limitations and workarounds
Links to web

New version with name 1stWebBrowser

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